As well as being leading commercial, industrial and residential plumbers in Pakenham, Weightman Plumbing is also the trusted team for Taylex tank installations in Pakenham and the surrounding area. Taylex Tanks are the largest provider of wastewater treatment and rainwater tanks in Australia, with a reputation for high-quality, durable tanks for homes and businesses.

If you don’t have access to a mains water supply you need a durable and well-made septic or rainwater tank that will ensure your home or business has access to clean water year-round. A Taylex tank is the solution.

Septic and rainwater tank installation and maintenance

Whilst our Pakenham plumbers specialise in Taylex tank installations, we can also conduct repairs on most polyethylene tank models. Have an older tank and not sure if is still fit for serving your home or business? Give us a call and we will send someone to have a look at it for you and carry out any necessary repairs or, if required, install a brand new Taylex tank that will serve you for years to come.

Having a reliable septic tank is crucial because you rely on the tank for clean water and to effectively treat waste from your business or home. Failure to have a durable or well-maintained wastewater treatment system or septic tank can be disastrous, as it can result in your water becoming contaminated, thus cutting you off from a clean water supply.

If you have a septic tank and start to smell an odour from your drain then we suggest you contact Weightman Plumbing immediately.

For a dependable supplier of Taylex tanks in Pakenham you need Weightman Plumbing. We can also supply Taylex tanks to homes and businesses in Officer, Berwick, Drouin and Warragul.

If you have a business, our team members are also experienced commercial plumbers in Pakenham for installation and maintenance work.